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the Ant prepare for a hurricane in "Get Ready Alachua County," accessible at the Get Ready Alachua County website. After clicking on the gol d star in the front of Allie's door, kids click a gold star to enter the backyard, the bedroom, the garage or the kitchen area of the house. Upon dragging all items that Allie will need during a hurricane to the right side of the screen, kids can venture to other areas by clickin g on the bar at the top of the screen.1 Peel and cut away the hide from the body of the animal. Start by making a cut to split the animal's free 3d models skin in half, starting from the neck and working your way down to the belly. Thrust your hand under the cut on both sides, to free the skin from the rest of the body. The skin should include the neck, body and part of the legs. Be careful not to cut or rip the hide during this pr Frankie Muniz Racing ocess. 2 Freeze the hide until it is partially frozen. It should be frozen to the point where it is still movable and malleable. This will d .

it thaw before you attempt to do this. Otherwise, you will tear the hide in the process. 4 Make a frame for the hide to dry on. Use 2-inch b y 4-inch pieces of wood to make a square frame, depending on the size of the hide. Use nails to attach the wood at each corner. 5 Hammer nai ls into the frame around the edges at 3-inch intervals. 6 Cut slits parallel to the edge of the hide about an inch away from the edge. Make these holes every 3 to 5 inches. 7 Use a piece of cord and slide it through a slit in the hide. Tie that cord to one of the top nails in the low carb diets frame. 8 Slide another piece of cord through a slit on the opposite end of the hide. Tie this cord to one of the bottom nails of the frame. 9 Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you have stretched out the entire hide on the frame. 10 Allow the hide to dry. This can take one to seven days Frankie Muniz Racing , depending on your climate. 11 Use sandpaper to sand away any thin film of meat and fat that may be left on the flesh side of the hide. Rem .

and press it against the hide. Do this until the entire hide is soaked on both sides. 15 Roll the hide up and put it in a freezer bag. Put i t into the refrigerator. Leave the hide here for 24 hours. 16 Put the hide back on the frame. 17 Use a paddle to remove as much of the solut ion as possible. Run the paddle down the hide from top to bottom. As you press, the solution should come off of the hide. 18 Dry and soften the hide on the frame. The time it takes for this will depend on the weather.1 Buy or rent a sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone, at free 3d models your local hardware store. Choose a stone that has rough grit on one side and fine grit on the other, because rough grit sharpens the knife and fine grit hones the blade. 2 Lubricate the rough side of the stone, using a mineral oil-based sharpening lubricant. Many of the same ha Frankie Muniz Racing rdware stores that carry whetstones sell this lubricant, which is useful for reducing the heat caused by friction on your blade. It also kee .

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