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ircle and mentions something she has never done, such as "I have never been out of the country" or "I have never been to a beach." Any girl that has done that must give her one of her dry beans. Once a girl loses all her beans, she is out of the game. The player with the most bea ns at the end of the game wins. Beach-Ball Dares Write several dares--such as "Sing the chorus to your favorite song," "Stand on your head f or one minute" or "Tell everyone who your secret celebrity crush is and why"--on a beach ball. The girls sit in a circle and toss the ball t free textures o one another. When a girl catches the ball, she must do the dare or answer the question that is under her right thumb. Award a small prize to each girl who completes a dare or truthfully answers a question.Aim a Hurricane Learning that wind belts and pressure systems move hurric Frankie Muniz Racing anes in certain directions, kids set various storm tracks in "Aim a Hurricane," accessible at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administr .

hurricane and drag it onto one of two start points over the Atlantic Ocean. Once kids position all three components, they click the "Start" button to see the storm track for their combination. Create-A-Cane Kids try to create ideal conditions that may cause in a hurricane in "Cre ate-a-Cane," also accessible at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Hurricane Center website. Players use a mouse to adjust settings in "Atmospheric Levels," "Latitude Range," "Sea Temperature in the Top 50 Meters" and "Winds." Children needing help in free 3d models a particular task can move the mouse over question marks. A perfect score of 80 indicates that players have set ideal conditions for a hurri cane to occur. Forces of Nature After exploring earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes, youngsters can embark on a hurricane lesson in "Forces Frankie Muniz Racing of Nature," accessible at National Geographic. After clicking "Hurricanes," kids will read about the causes and effects of hurricanes and e .

make any necessary adjustments to create their hurricane. Hunker Down - The Hurricane Game Children will learn about the dangers people fac e during a hurricane in Post FX Inc.'s "Hunker Down: The Hurricane Game." Players advance on the twister-shaped board, by landing on spaces such as relief aid squares, or move backwards by encountering blocked highways, heavy rains and power outages. The first player to reach the end of the board survives hurricane season and wins the game. Hurricane House In efforts to protect a home from hurricane effects, players low carb diets pinpoint items and animals that could cause a problem during a hurricane in "Hurricane House," accessible at sites like Gamershood. When pla yers click on items, the items either disappear from the yard or receive upgrades that benefit the safety of the house. For instance, if pla Frankie Muniz Racing yers click the side windows, boards appear to protect the house and windows from damage. Get Ready Alachua County Youngsters can help Allie .

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